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Watch parties

96% of users prefer watch parties to traditional broadcasts. There is no better way to drive signups, tune-in, and long engagement times for your content libraries. HotMic’s end-to-end solution simplifies the process of empowering creators to bring fans into deeply engaging experiences in your app.

“Working with HotMic was brilliant. They allowed us to engage with our supporters in an interactive and virtual setting. Supporters were able to come together and enjoy a unique matchday experience from home whilst creating additional commercial assets for partners and a supplementary club revenue stream.”

— Elliot Shaw, Rangers Football Club

Live shopping

The global social shopping market is exploding and is projected to reach $3.3T by 2028.  

Shopping is better as a social experience and HotMic's solution makes it easy to create interactive, shoppable livestreams in your app.

HotMic allows you to easily embed your shopping cart directly into your streams as a tab or video overlay. Customers click on the products, add-to-cart, and checkout without ever leaving the stream.

“Our team all love sport, love talking about sport and love to bet sensibly on sport. HotMic offers a place online where we can do it all together at the same time as the sport is happening. Everyone looks for the best value in betting markets. S:B:M can do that and share that information with our viewing community whilst always promoting responsible gambling. HotMic is the perfect platform for a sport-loving community to watch the action together as it happens.”

— Gavin Puszczalowskyi, Sports Betting Media

Live betting

Social interaction clearly amplifies the excitement of gaming for fans. 71% of fans bet more when given an opportunity to connect and share the experience with other fans.    

HotMic provides a complete solution to help you leverage the power of social interaction in your apps.  Hosts engage with fans and lead the discussion in a community-based environment designed to up the fun and deliver results.