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Watching TV alone is no fun. HotMic’s revolutionary sync technology and innovative set of features brings you together with your friends in an interactive and fun experience.

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A spoiler free experience with a room full of new and old friends.

HotMic has a global community of the best streamers, hosts and commentators covering every live sports event and more. We bring people together around common passions and interests in a synced interactive experience. 

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Have a following you want to throw watch parties for? With HotMic’s easy to use custom streaming portal, you can easily create your own watch party or custom streaming event for your followers. Grow your fanbase, and stay connected.

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Top Hosts

The Anfield Wrap

The Anfield Wrap Shares the story of supporting Liverpool from the heart of the city. They host podcasts and watch parties with an amazing group of hosts.

Chiseled Adonis

The Chiseled Adonis is best known for his viral rants, skits, stand-up comedy & commentary on YouTube, Instagram & Facebook. He's performed & hosted at the Brooklyn Comedy Zone countless times.

All the Smoke

Unapologetic NBA champions, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson are hosts of their weekly podcast, All the Smoke. Follow them for NBA watch parties on HotMic.