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We are dedicated to creating collaborative partnerships centered around TV watch parties.

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Why HotMic?

Fans are a diverse and passionate group and HotMic lets you appeal to everyone with dynamic, fun and engaging experiences without affecting the core TV product. HotMic extends high value sponsorships to the 2nd screen with innovative sponsorship opportunities.

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Awesome User Experience

  • Amazing sync process eliminates spoilers
  • Rooms include live chat, reactions, and engagement modules i.e polls, stats
  • Sports specific sounds layered into stream to enhance the emotional connection

Works on all screens with no integration

  • Fans can watch the game on any screen
  • Fans can use any TV service provider 
  • No technical integration required
  • iOS and Android 
  • FREE for everyone

What Makes HotMic Different?

The only platform 100% dedicated to TV watch parties.

Groundbreaking sync technology

Designed for lasting engagement and long watch times

Sport specific crowd noise layered into your streams

True partnership with collaborative monetization and analytics sharing

Fans drive more viewers with integrated shares. 

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Scalable Host Activation

There is no limit to the number of watch parties for an event and hosts can go live, sync, and share from a professional streaming studio or a few clicks in the app.

  • HotMic streaming platform automatically syncs to any game on TV
  • Hosts signup can be public or limited to partner invitations
  • Hosts can go live and add co-hosts from a professional streaming studio in minutes
  • Fans can create private watch parties from the app in seconds
  • Zero latency video conferencing is as easy as sending invitations to a Zoom call (up to 6)
  • Live chat with fans via portal or app
  • Your sponsors are integrated into every stream
  • Advanced tools for high end AV equipment

Lasting Engagement

We are flipping the social world upside down and delivering long lasting engagements unmatched by any other social platform.

They’re in the moment, deeply engaged with your content, your brand, and your community, for the entirety of your event.

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