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We are dedicated to creating collaborative partnerships centered around TV watch parties.

What Makes Us Different?

The Experience

In a multi service provider world, watching TV concurrently is a huge challenge and timing is everything. The emotional connections created when celebrating big scores only work when the timing is right. HotMic is the only social platform that nurtures an emotional moment by synchronizing the viewing experience and creating a deeply engaged audience.

Social Built for Long Engagement

We are flipping the social world upside down and delivering long lasting engagements unmatched by any other social platform. Our synchronized experience eliminates distractions to keep fans with you. We are the only event based social platform which means your content will not have to compete for your fan’s attention.

Event Based Experience

Fans are guided into a singular verified place for engagement which gives you the ability to create a hosted community for your fans and keep them engaged. You curate the public watch parties while giving fans the opportunity to create their own watch parties with friends. Your sponsorship and monetization models extend to all rooms under your event.


We’re a new social network that collaborates with you to build high value advertising that is a true extension of existing sponsorships and inventory. Reach out now to see how to reach your fans, achieve your goals, and create a perfectly synced experience for everyone.

Video and Audio Technology

Sports fans can’t watch games without the cheer of the crowd. HotMic is the only live streaming platform that blends the unique sounds of each sport directly into the streams.  Don’t let your fans be disappointed when sports reopens to empty stadiums. Stream with HotMic and give your fans what they deserve.

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