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HotMic is the only streaming platform 100% dedicated to TV watch parties. We provide content creators a powerful platform that creates perfectly synchronized, spoiler free watch parties for your fans. Sign up and go live with your fans in minutes.

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Powerful Tools 

We let you focus on providing amazing experiences for your fans. With easy streaming tools, you can be live on HotMic in minutes. You lead the event, set the tone and share your voice and opinion with your followers. Build a fanbase with a unique experience that brings people together no matter how they're watching.

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Custom Built Host Portal

We're the only platform that built a professional streaming studio specifically designed for a watch party experience. The portal gives you the ability to go live easily and quickly without third party software. The Host Portal also gives you the ability to create your profile, see your stats, promote to your fans, schedule events, and access saved streams to share with your fans after your went live.



HotMic is powered by revolutionary technology that can calibrate the timing of a TV stream by simply listening to it. Once your listeners click the sync button, your content is perfectly synchronized to their TV.

Video and Audio

HotMic has always evolving features to make you sound and look like a pro. Multi-host capabilities, audio layer technology, and professional production team at your service. 

Interactive Chat

When fans join a live stream, they’re not just getting access to watch and listen to a show; they’re getting a full interactive experience that allows them to join the conversation.

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